Crochet Along?

This is just going to be a quick post, a question really! Anyone interested in doing a Temperature Blanket crochet along? The idea behind a temp blanket is that you crochet one row a day and the color of your row is determined by the high temp where you are. I found a great pattern that uses a different stitch on each row for those of us who get bored with repetitive stitches and a temp key that uses Caron Simply Soft Yarn (about $5/skein on Amazon) which should make a lovely blanket!
Here’s a link to the pattern – what do you think? I’m going to be trying for a full size afghan so the kiddos can have a snuggly blanket on their bed on the first anniversary of our Pollock Pines adventure!

I’ll be posting updates every Sunday evening and I’m using July 11 (our closing day!) as Day 1 but you don’t have to! You could start with any significant (or not…) day.

Comment below with any questions and if you’ll be hooking along with me! I’ll post a link to the color key I’ll be using later today.

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